It tastes better outside!

Pergolla Catering

Co nabízíme

It tastes better outside!

Pergolla Catering

Co nabízíme

It tastes better outside!

Pergolla Catering

Co nabízíme

What we offer

We offer professional outdoor catering and cooking at events such as company presentations for customers, important meetings, cultural and sporting events, food festivals.


Our team, led by a professional chef, will arrive on site. He will bring a complete outdoor kitchen, equipment, grills, ovens and accessories.


Based on a pre-selected menu, we will provide all the necessary ingredients and prepare a great meal in an attractive style.


All this outdoors "on the green" without the need for complicated technical facilities and equipment.


Your event will not only get great refreshments for your guests, but a very attractive and interesting form of catering.

Where and what we cook in

We cook outside.
On the terrace, in the garden, in the park,
in front of your showroom or company.

In our outdoor kitchen you will be able to taste great food prepared by the best chefs in the best grills and ovens. The main feature of our kitchen is the Big Green Egg ceramic kamado grills, which are a grill, oven and smokehouse all in one.

Then there are the Italian Alfa wood-fired ovens, in which we prepare great pizza, bread, cake, as well as fish, meat and vegetables.

The entire kitchen is completely covered, so even the rain won't deter us from preparing a great meal for your guests.

Our team of chefs

Matteo De Carli

Italian chef and operator of Casa De Carli restaurant in Prague, which has been a recommended place in the Michelin Main Cities of Europe guide since 2013. In 2011 and 2012 he was the chef of the famous Michelin restaurant Cipriani in New York, and has also worked in Geneva, the Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin, Bice Mare in Dubai and Cipriani in Venice.

Radek David

Creative chef at Aramark, the largest corporate caterer in the Czech Republic. Previously, he was in charge of several restaurants in the Czech Republic and Ukraine for many years. I'm sure many of you know at least La Veranda or Grandma's Garden. He has appeared several times on the highest positions in the Golden Chef poll, which recognizes the best chefs in the Czech Republic.

Jan Rimpler

Chef, main lecturer and operator of the Kuliner cooking school in Brno. After his studies he worked on four and five star riverboats in Germany, Holland and Austria, as well as chef of the Grand Hotel Zvon in České Budějovice, Noem Arch Brno and Relax and Sport Resort Dolní Morava. In 2008 and 2017 he was the protagonist of the Czech Cuisine Days in Lima, Peru. You can regularly see him on the Czech Television in the programme Boys in Action or in the Good Morning programme.

Jan Horký

Chef of the Goldie Restaurant at the Nautilus Hotel in Tábor, former captain of the Czech national team of chefs and pastry chefs, and also a finalist in the Global Chef Challenge. He was the chef of the Zlatá Praha restaurant in the Intercontinental Hotel and the French restaurant in the Municipal House in Prague. He is also a successful graduate of the renowned Paul Bocuse School in France.

Daniil Gorovoj

A native of Kazakhstan , who has lived in Prague almost all his life. He is the founder and chef of Meat Art, a company dedicated to catering, street food and private cooking and grilling schools. Previously, he worked for example at La Baita restaurant at Expo 2015 in Milan, as a chef at Panorama golf resort in Kácov or as a sous chef at O2 Universe in Prague.

Zdeněk Křížek

Chef of the Prague restaurant Sensa bistro and lover of Asian cuisine. He started his culinary career at the Jalta Hotel, where he first encountered Asian cuisine. Since 2006 he has worked in the Mandarin Oriental luxury hotel chain. Thanks to this engagement, he had the opportunity to cook alongside Michelin chefs in London, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Japan. He also headed the kitchen of Spices restaurant, from where he moved to the position of head chef of the OREA Hotels & Resorts chain.

About us

We are a team that has been together for more than 15 years. A team that sells quality and premium products for barbecue and outdoor cooking just outside Brno. A team that has focused on superior service for its clients throughout its history. A team that has learned to value human work, craftsmanship, workmanship and quality.


We stand behind the quality of the grills, ovens and accessories we sell. We test and try them ourselves at our corporate events, cook with customers under the tutelage of professional chefs and present them at training sessions.


As a result, during our time in the grilling and cooking industry we have developed strong relationships with many professional chefs who use and test our products in their restaurants, gastro establishments and cooking classes.


Gradually, not only customers, but also friends and acquaintances began to contact us to cook at their corporate or sporting events. And so the idea was born to not keep it to ourselves and offer great meals prepared by professional chefs on our premium grills and ovens as a service.


And so Pergolla Catering was born. Original outdoor catering with a unique and attractive look. Premium grills and ovens in which professional chefs prepare a great menu. All in one complete outdoor kitchen.

All dishes are prepared from high quality and of course fresh ingredients selected by our team of professional chefs.  Just choose the menu you want to serve and we will take care of everything else.

Satay (Skewers)

Served with peanut sauce
Chicken satay
Shrimp satay
Beef satay
Vegetable satay

Hot dog

Soft bun, grilled pork sausages
crispy onion, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, spring onion, pickled cucumber


Smoked salmon on cedar plank, sour cream, chilli and spring onion
Smoked pork ribs on apple chips, BBQ sauce
Smoked camembert cheese, garlic crouton


Baked sea bass, lemon and lime mayonnaise
Flamkuchen (vegetables and cheese on a tortilla, baked in Alfa or BGE)
Pork belly on black beer


Grilled beef steaks (sirloin / high sirloin), chimichuri sauce / herb butter
Grilled cheese haloumi


Vegetable curry with coconut milk (vegetables, chickpeas, crushed tomatoes, coconut milk, ...)


Grilled corn (cob)
Grilled vegetables / Roasted autumn vegetables / Pickled vegetables
Baked potatoes, sour cream
Roasted whole cauliflower, tahini sauce
Smoked mashed potatoes


Apple crumble, vanilla sauce
Strawberry crumble with mint, lemon sorbet
Grilled fruit skewers and chocolate sauce
Roasted pineapple red kampot pepper, vanilla ice cream